January 2021 Issue,  Poetry


Featured in the January 2021 Issue of The Open Doors Review. View Magazine Here.

Poetry by Justin T Walsh

I am tender in the morning

With your name upon my lips

My nakedness revealing only the lazy comfort of living in my own skin

I am a strange kind of alive in these moments

With the bridge between the large gray of sleep and the fullness of the day

Hazy under psychic foot

I tread slowly the path of my own opening eyes 

Careful steps towards the beautiful ritual of waking 

In my own precious time

This is the right kind of blossoming

Author Bio: Justin T Walsh is an image-based studio artist whose primary investigation focuses on the intersection of the synthetic and the organic in the world around us. He is also a poet and writer with a deep fascination for the way that scientific advances expand our shared understanding of what it means to be human now and into the future. Walsh grew up in Tucson, Arizona and completed his MFA in 2016 at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2019 he moved to Rome where he currently teaches and is developing a body of images which explores the entropic relationship between space and place—whether amid the grimy beauty of the Eternal City or the vast avenues of internal cartography.

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