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Join FloNoWriMo and enter our first lines contest!

FloNoWriMo is an initiative started by the Florence writing community and taking place this February in Florence. Most writers have heard of or even participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where the idea is to blast your way through writing a whole novel in just one month. The idea is to break through barriers and just get words down on the page. But at least in Florence, November always feels so packed with activities and pre-holiday stuff that there’s never time. Now February… there’s a month with less going on and more time to actually sit down and write. 

Hence: FloNoWriMo: Florence Novel Writing Month. The idea is to get to work on the novel or story collection or writing goals you have in mind and commit to working on it every day. There’s no official word count and you can choose your specific end goal. We believe in the power of numbers so join us in person or online to find a writing buddy to share progress, goals, and motivation. 

There is also going to be a “best first lines” challenge through Open Doors – those participating in FloNoWriMo can enter their first sentences for the chance to be featured in the magazine. Follow the instructions for how to submit here!

Join us on a writing retreat in Tuscany

June 11-16, 2024. Join Open Doors Review editor, Lauren Mouat and yoga and somatic coach Rachel Zitin for our second year hosting a retreat at Casolare Alberelli on the coast of Tuscany. Rediscover your creativity and somatic awareness with daily yoga practice and creative writing workshops. See here for more information.