January 2021 Issue,  Poetry

Il Mare Mi Parla

Featured in the January 2021 Issue of The Open Doors Review. View Magazine Here.

Poetry by Charles Edward Carey


Senza melodia

Mi colpisce

Come le onde sulla riva

Il mare mi parla

Il vento balla sull’acqua 

Blu indaco, turchese, verde

Il sole splende

La luce scintilla sull’acqua

Il mare mi parla

Mi chiama

Un invito a entrare

Non posso resistere 

Sono immerso

Il mare mi parla

Io nuoto, mi tuffo

Avanti e indietro sott’acqua

Sorretto dall’acqua salata 

Chiudo gli occhi

E poi, solo allora 

Sento la melodia

Author Bio: I live on a small island in The Bahamas, a world apart from Italy, yet for some inexplicable reason Italy holds me tightly within its orbit. I first visited Italy as a young man with a French lover. The lover didn’t last but my love affair with Italy began and has endured to this day. Early on it was difficult to return but during the past decade my partner and I have been fortunate to spend chunks of time in Italy and we return every year. Until now, that is. In the midst of the pandemic we cannot travel but we continue to dream of Italy and live our version of an Italian life here on our remote island, cooking our favorite Italian dishes (alas without authentic ingredients), reading about Italy and speaking Italian on Skype calls with Italian friends. It’s enough for now. But perhaps next year we will be able to return and savor the excitement of waking up in Italy once again! Non vedo l’ora!


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